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OpenWrt Feeds

In OpenWrt, a “feed” is a collection of packages which share a common location. Feeds may reside on a remote server, in a version control system, on the local filesystem, or in any other location addressable by a single name (path/URL) over a protocol with a supported feed method.

Feeds are additional predefined package build recipes for OpenWrt Buildroot. They may be configured to support custom feeds or non-default feed packages via a feed configuration file.

Feed Configuration

  • feeds.conf

    src-git packages https://git.cooluc.com/openwrt-feeds/packages.git;openwrt-21.02
    src-git luci https://git.cooluc.com/openwrt-feeds/luci.git;openwrt-21.02
    src-git routing https://git.cooluc.com/openwrt-feeds/routing.git;openwrt-21.02
    src-git telephony https://git.cooluc.com/openwrt-feeds/telephony.git;openwrt-21.02
    #src-link custom /usr/src/openwrt/custom-feed