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Sebastian Kemper 466cd85111 asterisk-chan-dongle: add postinst note 1 month ago
asterisk asterisk: don't start with explicit group 3 weeks ago
asterisk-chan-dongle asterisk-chan-dongle: add postinst note 3 weeks ago
asterisk-chan-lantiq asterisk-chan-lantiq: update for DTMF fix 1 month ago
asterisk-chan-sccp asterisk-chan-sccp: Update to v4.3.3 release 11 months ago
asterisk-g72x asterisk-g72x: update for Asterisk 18 LTS 1 year ago
asterisk-opus asterisk-opus: update for Asterisk 18 LTS 1 year ago
baresip baresip: use FILE_MODES instead of postinst 1 year ago
freeswitch freeswitch: bump to 1.10.7 3 weeks ago
freeswitch-mod-bcg729 freeswitch-stable-mod-bcg729: rename 2 years ago
kamailio kamailio: minor bump + drop 5.x suffix 12 months ago
miax miax: fix compilation errors under uClibc-ng and musl 1 year ago
pcapsipdump pcapsipdump: fix missing libbsd depend 2 years ago
restund restund: remove postinst script 1 year ago
rtpengine rtpengine: bump to version 3 months ago
rtpproxy rtpproxy: fix RTP crypto setup 2 years ago
sipgrep sipgrep: make IPv6 support depend on CONFIG_IPV6 1 year ago
sipp sipp: bump to 3.6.1 1 year ago
siproxd siproxd: fix UID variable conflict in init 10 months ago
sngrep sngrep: bump to 1.4.8 8 months ago
yate yate: bump to 6.4.0 4 months ago